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- More include files for the AVRPas compiler (last update: 2010/07/02)
- ATMega8535 include file for the AVRPas compiler (last update: 2004/09/22)
- AVRPas compiler generates wrong HEX-Files
- StripIncFile for the AVRPas compiler
- SpecialChar version 0.60 (last update: 2006/04/12)
- Chk8515 version 0.51 (last update: 2000/11/08)
- GoISP version 0.55 (Removed, out of date)
- DCF77-controlled towel dryer


- More include files for the AVRPas compiler

I am still working with the little AVR controllers, if someone forces me with enough money :-)
So here are my latest include files: ATtiny24, ATtiny44, ATtiny84 and ATMega1281.

Here are the include files for the ATMega48, ATMega88, ATMega168, ATMega169, ATMega644 and ATMega644P controllers. I am still using the Embedded Pascal Compiler for the AVR when I am working on AVR projects. It is a real pity, that Rainier did not care about the compiler (no bug fixes since 2003).
In the meantime I had need for more powerful controllers. I am currently working on the "ARM9-Modul" controller board, where I am planning to use the Free Pascal compiler for firmware development. Hard to say, if I would use Embedded Pascal for ARM, if it would be available ;-)

- ATMega8535 include file for the AVRPas compiler

I am currently using the ATMega8535 in one of my projects. So here is the include file, which does not come with the compiler version 2.11.

- AVRPas compiler generates wrong HEX-Files

The compiler is generating wrong HEX-files in some cases. I checked the following compiler versions: 2.0, 2.1 and the last version 2.11 with this project. I have written a tool, which tests a HEX-file against the corresponding ROM-file and corrects the HEX-file. You can get CheckHex on request.
I still cannot get in contact with Rainier, so I publish this bug here.

- StripIncFile for the AVRPas compiler

This is a "quick and dirty hack" to overcome a limit in the Embedded Pascal compiler AVRPas by Rainier Lamers (http://users.iafrica.com/r/ra/rainier/).

One of my projects with about 5000 lines of code did not compile with the current version 2.11 from march 2003. The compiler stopped with the errormessage "Too many labels". I reported the problem in april 2003 and Rainier promised to increase the label limit in a new compiler version. This did not happen (we now have september 2003). I came in very big trouble with my project and had not enough time to rewrite the code in "C".

When I noticed that the compiler did compile the code for the Mega103 but not for the Mega128 (which I used), I erased a lot of unused symbols out of the include file for the Mega128 with success. So I wrote this tool to strip out all unused symbols of a given include file. You can get StripIncFile.exe on request.

I am working with AVRPas since 2000 and have finished more than 20 AVR projects successfully. When I found bugs in the compiler, I reported them to Rainier and he allways fixed them in an adequate time. I still think that AVRPas ist the best Embedded Pascal compiler for the AVRs, but needless to say, that I am very unhappy with the current situation.

- SpecialChar version 0.60

SpecialChar is a small tool, which can help you, to generate special characters for the HD44780-Displays. It is a Win32-program and should run under all 32-Bit-Windows versions.

SpecialChar is freeware and can be downloaded here (100 KB).

Version history:

  • 2000/10/02 V0.50 - First release.
  • 2000/10/09 V0.51 - Saving of characters implemented.
  • 2001/06/20 V0.51 - Added the complete HD44780 character set as spc-files.
  • 2006/04/12 V0.60 - Generating of C source added.

- Chk8515 version 0.51

The ATMEL Errata Sheet Rev. B for the AT90S8515 describes the "Skip Instructions with Interrupts" error. An affected application is extremly hard to debug. Chk8515 is a Win32-console-utility, which analyzes program-code for the AT90S8515 and shows critical code sections, if existing. The Errata Sheet can be found at http://www.atmel.com/atmel/acrobat/doc1195.pdf.

Chk8515 is Freeware and can be downloaded here (24 KB).

Version history:

  • 2000/04/09 V0.50 - First release.
  • 2000/04/17 V0.51 - This version returns errorlevel 1, if a critical section has been found.
  • 2000/11/08 - Added Bug8515 (with source) to produce the bug on the STK200 Starter-Kit from ATMEL.

- GoISP version 0.55

I removed GoISP from the site, because it is out of date. Meanwhile I am using my own programming software.

- DCF77-controlled towel dryer

This was my very first AVR project in 1999. Sorry, I have no english description for this project. Anyhow the DCF77-signal can only be received around Germany. Look here, for a german description.

Click on the picture, to see full size
Click on the picture, to see full size

Meanwhile I have realized more than 30 AVR projects with following CPUs: AT90S2343, AT90S2313, AT90S4433, AT90S8515, AT90S8535, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA163, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA103, ATMEGA128, ATMEGA48, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA168, ATMEGA169, ATMEGA644(P), ATtiny44 and ATMega1281. Some of the projects can be found here (German description only).

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